Audio & Video of my cover show on axe

Vid of my show on axe will sort out the audio and tracklisting. My headphones were bust up on this set. I have brought some new ones, well I replaced my old ones with exactly same pair 3rd time I have brought these Sony headphones love them. Not a great set just selection is all over the place just finding my feet again fighting them gremlins!!!! promise to be on point in the next show



Martian Attack//guvnor feat scorcher (silencer)
my story// guvnor (teeza)
its normal//rude kid
gully broke lane//joker
comic book man//src
energy riddim// smasher
dont phone me // nocturnal
midnight remix // Geenus
Follow the square leader//nocturnal
jingilist // sukh knight
born invincible // sukh knight
piano madness // terror danger
broken tooth vip // dxp
tek a pil // skream
digi design // joker
torpeado // dot rotten
swaggeristic // swindle
diesel not petrol // sukh knight
together // breakage
shallow grave // Plastcian
torutred // coki
twenty4 // lapidus
brukshot riddim // Nasty jack
lock up // exo remedy
detention // dxp
igloo remix // santino
square off // terror danger
train of thought // teeza
steamtrain vip // dxp
badboy sound // plastician
just begun // swindle
road rage // grimbo orginal mix
joker // dot rotten
fireboy // dxp
raggoo // geenus
ufo // skepta
when disaster strikes // j nella
have i told you // blackjack
headshot // maniac
come again // ivan-o
skenged out // maniac
paranormal activity // j nella
dirtbag //silencer
riot freestyle // screwfizzler (teezer)
regulation // silencer
forty theives // og’s ardist barrers (snk)
ogeezus // og’s (spooky)
gunman skank // waifer
hot ones// og’s (royal -t)
venom 2 // Plastician
what da rass // maniac
foundation riddim //j beatz
night crawler 2 // terror danger
air guitar // mister slash
taliban // dot rotten
halloween // sinkro
gas chamber // teeza
snapshot 2 //maniac
woah ouh woah // dot rotten (teeza)
technique // youngstar
ragga muffin // j beatz
oxygen // dot rotten
p money war dub 1 // p money (spooky)
machine man //dxp
life and death // Big H (J beatz)
Next hype vs dutty mash up // j beatz
gerrard riddim // hektik and spyro
rowdy riddim remix // j beatz
switch riddim // dot rotten
stay down the road // nocturnal
dubfire // nocturnal
pull up dat // dxp
saxon // chase and status
vio lent // plastician

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