Mad Vybez Urban FmTv with MIK, Merky Ace, Ego, Nico Lindsay, Vigilants and Avalanche

Another week gone by this week had MIK passing by spraying bars promoting his Grime to 5 Mix Tape out 1st June 2010. Yes MIK did have a few bars for rival on this set for those following the war of words between both guys since Mic fight. MIK also brought some special guest with him in the form of other family tree members Ego and Merky Ace who have been working the circuit hard with a good public response from the westwood and daily duppy sessions. Remember Ego Standard promo available to Download from this blog. Nico Lindsay, Vigilants and Avalanche came down alongside and went in and sprayed bars


WITH MIK, Merky Ace, Ego, Nico Lindsay, Vigilants and Avalanche !!AUDIO HERE!!

Mad Vybez Vocal Selection Part Of The Show

Disturb man dem feat scorcher, unknown zee, skarface, rhymestein, frisco and flirta d – Bonus Track
Scorcher – Cold Blooded
Big H, Skepta, Bossman, J Beatz, – Life or Death
MIK, Spooky – Boiling Point Riddim
Maxsta, Voltage – Own Moves
Lee Brasco, Teddy – Lem Ting 3style
Take Note, Samalam – 5 Mad Man Ting
Trim, Roache, Obese, Balistiq Beats – Organised Grime
– Much Mangled
Ego, Bless Beats – No Joking
Maxsta, Terror Danger – I Promise
Stormin, Rude Kid – Way to Ghetto
Jammer – Better Than
Skepta – Nokia Charger Wire
Nationality, Low Deep – Nationality
Fire camp, Newham Gens, Slew Dem – 16 Bar
Stealf, Skeamz – Keep Telling Them
Ego, Killa Omen – 64 Bars of Shankage


Joker – Digidesign
Geo – Shangralah
Joker – Purple City
Joker – Tron
D-Structo – General Dissaray
Rude Kid – The Best
Mr Hazzy – Fat Slapper
***** MIK, EGO, MERKY ACE, FAMILY TREE TOUCH MIC Remember grime to 5 out 01/06/2010 ****
Swindle – Air Miles
Rude Kid – Electric
Skepta – UFO
Rude Kid – Leave Me Alone
Dot Rotten – Grime and Bass
Geenus – Raggoo
Nocturnal – Dont Phone Me
Rude Kid – Shark’s Back
Scruface – Giddy Up
Rude Kid – Aftershave
Src – Fish Paste
Jack Daniels – Dangerous
Drew Austin – Maryland
A2 – Dead Air Refix
Dxp – Pull Up Dat
Joker – Snake Eater
Youngstar – Technique
Rude Kid – Window Cleaner
Teddy – Samurai
Dot Rotten – Joker
Rude Kid – Ufo Remix
Dxp -SteamTrain Vip
Ruff Squad – Anna
***Nico Lindsay, Avalanche AND Vigilants Touch set****
Sx – Wooo
Rude Kid – Winter
Maniac – Head Shot
Sukh Knight – Born Invincible
Skepta – Red Bull Academy
Drew Austin – Unleaded
Grimbo Beats – Road Rage
Royal T – Gargoyle
Wiley – Circle View
Exo Remedy – Lock Up
Footsie – 3 plates
Plastician – Vio-Lent
Maniac – Skenged Out
Sukh Knight – Diesal Not Petrol
Maniac – Thug
Dot Rotten – Torpeado
Hetik – Magic Circle

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