Mad Vybez UrbanFmTv 22.01.2011

Here is the audio of my first show of the year, hold tight dj spooky and Meshack Nasty who tore down the place before my set

Mad Vybez 22.01.2011 download


Stressing me out – Flash G and killer p ft S dot L
Chemical Planet – Dark tone Sound remix
Hot ones – Og’s Royal t remix
Grime Inc – Mad vybez 2010 remix
Dangerous – Jack Daniels
I’ll never quit – Z dot Merky Ace (Dirty Date)
Tazer – J beatz
Im a General – S.K.I.T.Z Beats, Newham Generals featuring Esko R.I.P
Last Phone Call – Teddy Music
DTI Remix – Darkos
Spartan – Spooky Orginal
Destruction – Kozzie (Spartan Vocal)
Spartan – Darq E Freaker remix
Spartan – Terror Danger Remix
Spartan – Martelo Remix
Spartan – D.O.K Remix
Spartan Freestyle – Nasty Jack
Dirtbag V.I.P – Teddy Music
Parring Guys – Nikki Slim Ting, Tempa T
Gully Goon Estate – Terror Danger
Gargoyle – Doctor P
100 Rain Drops – Rude Kid, Dimples Freestyle
Maryland – Drew Andrews
Guy Like You – Desperado, Younger Hunger, Spooky
Get Down – Mr Slash

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