Mad Vybez Show 27-01-2011

Audio for my show only managed to obtain 30 minutes audio as the stream cut off without me knowing.

Click Here For Audio Of Mad Vybez Show


Jack Daniels – Rude Kid
Jack Daniels – Spooky Remix
0121 – SX
Dirty Date – Z Dot
Bricks – SX
Pull Up Dat 2011 Version – Smash Bros, dexplicit
Last Phone Call – Teddy Music
New Age Grime – Jay Weather
DTI Remix – Darkos
Drop A 16 – Darkos, G Tank
Destruction – Kozzie, Spooky
Spartan Remix – Darq E Freaker
Super Double Dash – Darkos
Back in A Big Way – Solo 45, Nocturnal
Blaze Em – Dimples, Darkstar feat Rival (remember last laugh 3 out soon)
Home Alone – Mr V
Forward 2010 – Teddy Music
Tazer – J Beatz
Duppy and Go – Warlock
Grime Inc 2011 remix – Mad Vybez
Ceaser – Darq E Freaker
Sterling – J Beatz
Show Me What You Got – Darq E Freaker
Mike Lowry – Layz, Cell 22

One thought on “Mad Vybez Show 27-01-2011

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