Mad Vybez 30th October Urbanfmtv

Sorry about the quality of the audio I never realised I was recording on such a high level kind of messed it up, I have amended what I could. Enjoy



One Fours  produced by Nu Breed – Heroes

Damian Marley Produced by Skrillex – Make it Bun Dem

Footsie – Have some fun

Cas Produced by Tre Mission – Play

Merky Ace – Yo

JME Produced by Spooky Murking

Riskit produced by SX – Freestyle

MIK Produced by Flavor D – Donny Don

Zebidiah  Produced by Demon – FAO 90% of Promoters

Storma – Raving

Thomas Mellor – Knife and Forks

Dj Myrikal and Spooky – OSG Remix

Mad Vybez – Triangles (Circles bootleg)

Mad Vybez – Eskimos in Paris

DJ Cable – Harlem Shake Refix

Mad vybez – Toxic

Preditah – Gargoyle VIP

Ciz – Hype Ting

Rude Kid – Tuesday

Slackk – Pulse X remix

Mad Vybez – Mad Pulse

Kid Kong – 8 Bar Mucktion Remix

Faze Miyake – Tom & Jerry

Mr Mitch – Tash Wax

Mad Vybez – This is sparta

Moony – The Zone

Kyro – Bounce Remix

Darq E Freaker – Blueberry

Moony – I’m A UKG

Moony – Seven

Santino – 2 by 2

Moony – TNT

Wiley produced by Waifer – Grime Freestyle

DJ Myrikal – Annihilation

Mr Mitch – Cant Stop My Grime

Mad Vybez – Back and fourth

Mad Vybez – Grime Inc

Mad Vybez – Grime Inc  MADMAN MIX

Spooky – Rusty Bell

Rude Kid – Sunday

Sir Pixallot – Grime Hot

Mad Vybez – Grime Inc (8 Bar Mix)

Thomas Mellor – That Crack

Mad Vybez – Mario underground Level

Mister Slash – What Did He Say

Mad Vybez – Ice Breaker

Mr Mitch – Qbert

Mr Mitch – Last Stand

Terror Danger – Trojan Riddim

LiveWire – Devistate

Ciz and Valhalla – What Is Ours

Waifer – Fire Remix

DXP – The Centaur

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