Mad Vybez Empire FM Friday 25th October 2013

Here is the audio from this weeks show.

Click Here For Audio Of This Weeks Show

Track Listing

Vader – Drinking Ting
Double O Squad – Bag Of Piff
Brutal and Lighting – Middle Finger
Jai 90 – Versache Freestyle
Vader – We Are Not Living
Shaodow – Gas Mark 10
Dubzta – House Raid
Dubzta – Dum Dum (Remix)
Trends – Bass Mode
Mad Vybez – Gassed Goons
Flava D – War Dub 2
Mad Vybez – Trouble
Sco – Bison Force
Mad Vybez – Red Scorpion
Dullah Beatz – Kill Confirmed (Spooky remix)
Mad Vybez – Merry Go Round
Dubzta – Red Bull EP Riddim
Dj Myrikal and Spooky – OSG Remix
Swifta – Easy V.I.P (Dubzta Remix)
Spooky – Playground
Mi.I.K Kozzie & Trilla – Cake (Dubzta Remix)
Dj Marsta – Hollow
Mad Vybez – Its A Trap
Spooky Vs Rhianna – Electric Fence
Mad Vybez – Scum
Mad Vybez – Bebop and Rocksteady
Mad Vybez – Madness
Mad Vybez – Launch Off
Mad Vybez – Back It
Mad Vybez – Moving
Mad Vybez – Zionist Powder
Mad Vybez – Blaze It
Mad Vybez – Toxic
Mad Vybez – Battle Royal
Trends – Amnesia
JT the Goon – Frozen In Time
Trends – Punch Bag
Scruloose – Ice Lolly
Gap – Dimension
Hudz Man – Naa Fam
Marv Man – Fog Horn
Jlsanders – When Moj Met Lizzie At Orchestra
Nick Maclaren – Run
Mad Vybez – Eski Kid
Spyro & Faze Miyake – Suspect
Mad Vybez – Deamons
Jammin (Dj Zinc) – Kinda Funky
Mad Vybez – Dead It
Live Wire – Devastate
Starfox – Duck
Cas (Jme Production) – Baraka

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