Mad Vybez YGG, PK & Saint P 4th July 2014 Empire LDN

Audio and track list of this weeks show on Empire Ldn this week I had Saint P and PK spraying Bars

Download This Weeks Set Here

Track Listing

Kauser & Ten Dixon – Thats Not Me

Mad Vybez – Vulture

Jade – Bus Pass Remix

Moony – Pound Cake (UKG Mix)

Star One, D Double E – Birthday

Double o Squad – Bag  Of Piff

Kendrick Lamar – Dont Kill My Vibe

Guyver – Tick Tock *Tease*

Mad Vybez – Spooky Riddim

Tyrese  – Sweet Lady

Solomon & Filthy Vicars VS Preditah – Nosy Circles

Footsie – Spookfest

Triple C’s Feat Rick Ross – Walking On Water

***LIVE BARS with PK & Saint P ***

Swifta Beata – Nuke Em

Mike Will Made It – Push It

Gucci Mane – Lemonade

Mike Will Made It – Marble Floors

Skepta – Thats Not Me (Lewi B Remix)

Murlo – Hydra

K1 – Problem

Pezmo – All Night

Nikki Minaj – Chiraq

Lil Durk – Competition

Faze Miyake – Tesla

Chemist – Gloom

Rude Kid – End Level

Lolingo – African Head Teacher

Footsie – Hit It

Jay Fuentues – Kodak Moment

Teddy – Final World War

Que – OG Bobby Johnson

Footsie – Night Out At The Museum

Huffy – Homer

Jammy Beatz – Bussin At Them

Footsie – Bubbler

Dullah Beatz – Uppercut

Lil Reese – Us

Slim Thug  – Theme Song

Meenz – Grey Goose

Paris Bueller – Dis Aint What U Want

Spooky – Pulse 007

Flava D – On Point 2

Mad Vybez – Bebop & Rocksteady

Meenz – Banger

Filthy Vicars – Solo Rink

K1 – Political

K1 – Charge

Mad Vybez – Di Euro

Scru Loose – Rust

Swifta Beata – Taking The Crown

Dubzta – White Dee (Scruloose Black Dee VIP)

Spyro – Dead

Faze Miytake – Take Off

SX – 100 Bricks

Jammer – Feedback (J Beatz Rmx)

Darx – Cold

Mad Vybez – London 2 Algeria

Footsie – Traps

Beat Geeks – Watermelon VIP

Mad Vybez – Smoking & Chilling

Swifta Beata – Food Move

Teddy – Samurai

Waifer – Fresh Skankers (AG Remix)

Dot Rotten – Real Talk

Dot Rotten – Torpeado

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