Mad Vybez With Row D, Guyver, Liberty & Sense EmpireLDN 18th Jan 2015

Audio of this week’s show Row D, Guyver & Liberty came to spray bars Sense also passed through and squeezed off a few bars.

Track List

Pawza, Lewi B – Grime Forum Freestyle
Scorcher, Rossi B, Luca – Optimus Prime Freestyle
Snowy, Mundie – Straights
Deadly – Say No More
Grim Sickers, DST – Black Bin Bag Him Remix
Cadell – 17
Spooka – Barbarian Hype 2.0
Solo 45, Lewi B – Feed Him To The Lions Remix
D Power, D Double E – See No Evil
Row D, Adam Mac – Eagle Freestyle
Zebadiah, Mad Vybez – Ooog Akbar
KIP – Knowledge Is Power Anthem
Handsome Mike – Gun Fire Riddim
PK – Lyrical Master
Deadly – Depzman Tribute
Saf One – Not That Deep Remix
D Power – Snakey
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne (Spooky R.I.P Refix)
Jae Man, Swifta – Grime Forum Freestyle
Badness – Control
Deadly, Trilla, Bomba & Tornado – Hot Nigga Remix
Flawzz – Cup Coff Queff
Dot Rotten – You Heard
Royal T – Gully Funk (Death Row VIP)
Kid Bookie – Sket
Scooter, Future – Bag It Up
Slash – Air Guitar
Mytus, Flirta D, Big H – Who They Watching
Bless Beats – Real G’s
Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, RD, Snoopa – It’s Calm
Wiley – Road Rash
JT The Goon – Hike
Commando – Space Cash
Wiley – Ice Rink
Commando – Shift
Rynsa Man – 0 To 140
Frampster – Hennesy
Dubplate Mex – Murder Refix
JL Saunders & Trends – The Undertaker
Shotz – Cold Harbour
Frampster – Badman Sound
Scru Fizzer – Giddy Up
*******Live Bars with Row D, Guyver, Liberty & Sense******
Spooky – Melting Iceberg
Lewi B – Godfather
Sir Spyro – Tekkers
Levlz – Crud (Mad Vybez Special)
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne (Spooky RIP Mix)
Handsome Mike – Eski Knight
Nasty Jack – Farakhan Riddim
Huffy – Knocked Out
DXP – Change Formation
Adam Mac – Dubshine (Dubztar Remix)
SX – Wooo Riddim (Rockz Remix)
Zha – Southampton Lengman (Frampster Remix)
Footsie – Bubblers
DST – Funny Song Remix
Spooky – News Flash
Spooky – Glanny Dover
Slash – Air Guitar
Z Dot – Facts Not Fiction
Blessed Beats – Real G’s
Charmzy – R Ha
JG – Gucci’s Lemons
Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Spyro Remix)
Lil Reese – Us
Skepta – DTI (Terror Danjah Remix)
Dizzee Rascal – Go (Spooky Refix)
Jack Daniels – Dangerous
Footsie – Night At Museum
Mad Vybez – Friday The 13th
Mad Vybez – London 2 Algeria
Guyver – ???
Pezmo – All Night
Darq E Freaker – Roar
Mystry – Reptile
Swifta Beata – Choir Gang

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