Mad Vybez With Grm SKL, Wave, OH, RD, Mr X & Dubz D

Quite a few Mc’s past through this week with members of WAVE, OH & Grm SKL all in the studio.   Snoopa, Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, Pawza, Kaniva, C Cane, Lady Shocker, Dramah, Gremlin Thatch, RD, Mr X, Dubz D all passed through and blessed the microphone.


Track List

Smila & Frisco – CSI

D Power, D Double E – See No Evil

Ten Dixon, Jon E Clay Face, RD, Snoopa – It’s Calm

El Jay, Kriptik – Soundclash

Nasty Jack – Wot Is It

Big Zuu – Intro

Flawzz – It Ay A Laugh

Scooter, Future – Bag It Up

Mega Mos Wanted – Trancer

Deadly, Tornado, Trilla & Bomba – Hot Nigga

**********LIVE BARS STARTING*************

Lil Durk – Competition

Dot Rotten – Hard Times

Lex Luger – Hard In The Paint

SNY – Frostbite

Footsie – Traps

Slim Thug – Theme Song

Spooky – Bruce Wayne R.I.P

Lewi B – Godfather

Spooky – Ganny Dlover

Thomas Mellor – Knives & Forks

Rude Kid – 11PM

Big ED – Frontline (Terror Danjah RMX)

Virgo – Hitter

Footsie – Bubblers

Wiley – Colder RMX

DJ Marsta – Hollow

Scrufizzer – Giddy Up

Nikki Minaj – Chiraq

Skepta – Autopsy (Wiley Remix)

Lil Reese – US

Spooky – Newsflash

Mike Will Made It – Marble Floors

Mister Slash – Air Guitar

Scorcher – Indy Boots

Mister Slash – Concerto Riddim

Splurt – J3

K1 – Political

Merlin – The Reply

Skepta – Private Caller Remix

Spank Cook – I Will

Spooky – Melting Iceberg

Z Dot – Dirty Date

Preditah – Hectic

Rynsa Man – Hot Nigga

Pezmo – All Night

SX – 01902

Maniac – Saltfish

Dot Rotten – Pirate Radio Paradise

Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave

DPM – Murder Remix

Skepta – D.T.I (Terror Danjah Remix)

Maniac – Snapshot 2

Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Spyro Remix)

Plastician – Cha Remix

Dullah Beatz – Uppercut

Spooky – Pulse 007

Jammy Beatz – Bussin At Them

Wiley – Drunken Master

Dot Rotten – Grime & Bass

Footsie – Night At The Museum

Mad Vybez – Di Euro

Levlz – Crud Special

Sir Spyro – Tekkers

Swifta Beata – Choir Gang

Guyver – ????

JME – Mayhem

Dubzta – Evil

Waifer – Fresh Skankers (AT RMX)

DXP – Bars

Preditah – Threat

Scorcher – Way Down The Road Remix

SX – 2010

Maniac – Brandon

JL Saunder & Trends – The Undertaker

Youngstar – Technique

Dot Rotten – Bassline Massacre (A2 Remix)

Future – Push It

Spooky – Night Time

Thomas Mellor – Cash Money

Darq E Freaker – Roar

Riskit – 2003

Huffy – Enemies

Mad Vybez – Bebop & Rocksteady

Z Dot – Facts Not Fiction

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