DJ Mad Vybez Valentines Show with Shak, Lady Shocker, Snoopa, Blessed, Dramah, Fox, Ikue, Gremlin Thatch, Ten Dixon, Millz

Here is the audio of this weeks show I was joint by Lady Shocker, Snoopa, Blessed, Dramah, Fox, Ikue, Gremlin Thatch, Ten Dixon, Millz. Shak was also in the building and done a few mixes. We had a few issues with the mic but persevered

Track List

Skepta, Terror Danjah, Kano, KT Pearl –  Loves Here To Stay

Grm Skl – Hold It There

Mytus, Flirta D, Big H – Who They Watching

That Kid Dre – ????

Kannan – Grime

Cadell – 17

Sense, Cadell, Grimey – Money In My Face

Deadly – Depzman Tribute

PK – Level 1 Freestyle

*******Live Bars******

Lewi B – The Godfather

Rude Kid – Saturday after Next

Spyro – Bruce Wayne (Spooky R.I.P Mix)

John Brown – Bond

SX – 01902

Swifta Beata – Choir Gang

Footsie – Traps

Rude Kid – Shaky

Preditah – Gargoyle Vip

BMC – Peski Beat

Preditah – Air Waves

Erbal T – Ice Cold

Faze Miyake – Take Off

Levlz – Crud Special

General Courts – Doing It

Spooky – News Flash

Lil Durk – Competition

Lil Reese – Us

Dullah Beatz – Uppercut

Rynsa Man – Hot Nigga

Spooky – Ganny Dlover

Kaemz – Gladiator Riddim

Scru Loose – Rust

Beat Geeks – Essence

Virgo – Hitter

DST – Big Body

Mystry – Pulse 8

Preditah – Hectic

AT – 10 Hit Combo

Nikki Minaj – Chiraq

Swifta Beata – Levels

Handsome Mike – Gun Fire Riddim

Waifer – Gun Man Skank

Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave

AT – Hacker

Spooky – Curry Chips

DXP – Change Formation

Ivan O – Come Again

Adam Mac – Dubshine ( Dubztar Remix)

Skepta – DTI (Terror Danjah Remix)

Swifta Beata – Battle

Spooky – Melting Iceberg

Scru Fizzer – Giddy Up

Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Spyro Remix)

Maniac – Snap Shot 2

Footsie – Hit It

Maniac – Brandon

Rude Kid – School Bell

Wiley – Shower Youth

Flava D – Xmas Riddim 2014

Spanks – I Will

BMC – Peski Beat

Mad Vybez – Spooky Riddim

Mega Mos Wanted – Trancer

Spyro – Tekkers

Spooky – Night Time

Flava D – On Point 2

Mad Vybez – Rusty Moon

Plastcian – Cha Remix

Plastcian – Vs Skepta Edit

Mystry – Calm

Charmzy – R Ha

DJ Marsta – Hollow

Jack Daniels – Dangerous

Preditah – Attack

DPM – Murda Remix

Wiley – Drunken Master

Masro – Utter Madness (Spooky Remix)

Adam Mac & Dubztar – Speed (Dubztar VIP)

Murlo – Hydra

Footsie – Bubblers

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