Mad Vybez Grime Gang Show 1st March 2015 EmpireLDN

This week I had a full studio joint by Ten Dixon, Sparkey Danger2 Face, Shivz, Madders, Row D, Capo Lee, Millz, Nico Lindsay, Snoopa, Gloka, Dubz D, Pawz,  PK, Saint P, Pauly Papers, Proton, I had some issues with the recording so the first 10 minutes have disappeared.


Track List

Footsie – Traps

Nikki Minaj – Chiraq

Rude Kid – Shakey

Beat Geeks – Paperfold

Preditah – Attack

Spooky – Melting Iceberg

Lewi B – The Godfather

Spooky – Ganny Dlover

Dot Rotten – Pirate Radio Paradise

Dullah Beatz – Uppercut

Darq E Freaker – Roar

Lil Durk – Competition

Lil Reese – Us

Rynsaman – Rynsaman Meet Shmurda

Swifta Beata – Levels


Track List

DST – Big Body

Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Spyro Remix)

Skepta – Private Caller Remix

Mystry – Pulse 8

Masro – Utter Madness (Spooky Remix)

Waifer – Fresh Skankers (AT Remix)

Scrufizzer – Giddy Up

Mystry – Calm

SNY – Frostbite

Skepta – Autopsy (Wiley Remix)

Dot Rotten – Grime & Bass

Rude Kid – Saturday After Next

Flava D – Xmas Beat 2014

Footsie – Hit It

Spyro – Bruce Wayne (Spooky R.I.P Mix)

Slim Thug – Theme Song

Guyver – ????

Mega Most Wanted – Trancer

Preditah – Hectic

Spyro – Tekkers

Levlz – Crud Special

Spooky – Rusty Bell (Moony Remix)

Scru Loose – Scrutiny

Plasctian – Vs Skepta Edit

Adam Mac – Dubshine (Dubztar Remix)

Faze Miyake – Gun Powder (Eddie Guard Remix)

Rude Kid – Victory

Dj Marsta – Hollow

Mike Will Made It – Marble Floors

Dot Rotten – Hard Times

K1 – Political

Wiley – Colder Remix

Wiley – Ice Rink

Dj Garna – Boxed

Swifta Beata – Levels

Maniac – Brandon

Footsie – Night At The Museum

Pezmo – All Night

Rude Kid – 11PM

Murlo – Hydra

Mister Slash – Concerto Riddim

Teddy Music – War Dub

Lolingo – African Head Teacher

Rapid – Xtra

Virgo – Hitter

Nocturnal – Reign Dance

JL Saunders & Trends – The Undertaker

Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The Rave

DPM – Murder Remix

Skepta – DTI (Terror Danjah Remix)

Rude Kid – Shaky

Big ED – Frontline (Terror Danjah Remix)

Spyro – Dead

Ivan O – Come Again

Footsie – Bubblers

Z Dot – Facts Not Fiction

Faze Miyake – Boom

Preditah – Threat

Mystry – Reptile

Swifta Beata – Choir Gang

Wiley – Shower Youth

Mister Slash – Get Down

Kaemz – Gladiator Riddim

Mister Slash – Big In The Game

Mad Vybez – Di Euro

Mike Will Made It – Push It

Teddy Music – Slug

Bless Beatz – Real G’s

Terror Danjah – Trojan Riddim

Dubztar – White Dee (Scru Loose Black Dee Remix)

Lex Luger – Hard In The Paint

Shotz – Cold Harbour

Lewi White – Shangooli Remix

JME – Mayhem

Huffy – Xtra

Dot Rotten – Bazooka

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