Grime MC’s Watch List

Here is a list I have compiled of very talented MC’s on the circuit making waves and to look out for.

PK, Saint P & Lyrical Strally (YGG): I have worked with this trio for just over a year; they’ve put in graft on the underground circuit, working with Mode FM, Radio Radar, Flex, Déjà Vu and EmpireLDN amongst others pirates, as well as impressing Radio 1Xtra listeners.

Far from being hurry-come-ups, you can see them in videos with the Square freestyling on YouTube. Also look out for their unique teamwork in bar’s which I can only liken it to Marcie Phonix, Hyper Fen or the Newham Generals.

  PK teamed up with The Square’s Novelist & Boxed DJ/Producer Slackk for a track called ‘Mmmm Come Here’ (which is a track I suggest you look out for!) Lyrical Strally has punchlines and wordplay a level above your average grime MC, which has made him a favourite with DJ’s & MC’s within the grime scene. Saint P has bars for days & every set you hear him on, you will no doubt hear multiple reloads, wordplay and flows. So once you put all 3 guy’s together you have a winning team and the future looks bright for this trio.
C Cane: OH’s C Cane is definitely a mc to look out for. Having garnered support from 1xtra and DJ Cameo you can see her feature on Cameo’s ‘Just Cool Nah’. C Cane is an extremely talented MC who could confidently compete with her male counterparts. A very talented lady who is also able to play instruments and sing. More people are taking
notice and C Cane’s stock is definitely rising within the grime scene.
Jammz: Jammz is in the top 3 of MC’s putting in work on the circuit at the moment. The pirate session’s podcast have been setting the levels and inspired many other MC’s to start going radio more regularly. Hit & Run EP has just recently been released (Available Here) and has been received positively by industry insiders and grime fans alike. Jammz has an arsenal of lyrics and tearing up sets seems to be a daily occurrence. Not satisfied with destroying radio shows, Jammz has been making waves with his productions and honing his DJing skills. Jammz should also be commended on his professional approach towards releases. I think over the next year you will hear Jammz name more as he is standing at the forefront of the new generation of grime artist pushing thing’s forward.
Mic Ty: Coming straight from Newham it is hard to believe Ty has been spitting bars for under a year and has had a pretty meteoric rise within the grime scene, with some big co-signs from the likes of Spooky & DJ Big Mikee to say the least. Mic Ty’s witty bars reminded me of Trim – which is never a bad thing! You can often hear him on sets with Jammz working in combination to devastating effect.
Ten Dixon: South London native Ten Dixon has been grinding hard, Skippy flows & Skippy bar’s Ten’s is distinctive to pick out on set’s. Ten has been putting in work and building his discography even teaming up with Family Tree’s MIK for the track Ghost writer. With people paying more attention to Ten Dixon I expect him to go from strength to strength over the next 12 months.
Cadell: E3 Native Cadell has been making  waves recently with his war dub sending for multiple Mc’s within the scene. Cadell’s lyricism is up there with the best coming through into the Grime scene right now. His track 17 has the sort of lyricism that many MCs would have struggled to match. Cadell seem’s to constantly be inside the studio recording fire. Expect to hear Cadell’s name more & more over the next 12 months.

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