Mad Vybez EmpireLDN 12th April 2014

Vocal mix of this week’s show allot of brand new tracks check the track list below.

Track list

Blades – S.M.H (War Dub)

RD – Bury Mc’s

Dorris – Whoo (Levlz Remix)

Flawzz & Blacks Blacka – Sometime

Phaze One – Nicoles Phaze (Scruloose Remix)

Jammz – 128 Bars

Grimey – War Dub

Skepta, Heavy Trackers – Thats Not Me Vs Trackers Mash Up

Skepta – Thats Not Me All Star Mix (Zha Remix)

Mad Vybez – War Ready

Karnage, Big H – Causing Karnage

Mad Vybez – Fury

Millie Major, Bossman – War We

Rampage – Gangster

Row D – Scrolling Down

Levlz – Crud Remix (Special)

Cadell – 17

Fox – Back To Basic’s

Chemz, John Brown – Chem Trails

Nasty Jack Grim Sickers – Sickers

Ten Dixon – Way To Slow

Sir Maze – Crossfire

Jammz, Mic Ty, Mez – Hit Then Run Rmx

Skepta – War Dub

Young Scooter, Future – Bag It Up

Trends, JLsaunders – The Undertaker

Beat Geeks – Bedtime

Cadell – UK

Werewolf, C Cane – He Said She Said

2 Face, Shivz – Bigging Up Your Chest

Zebadiah – Ooog Akbar

Merky Ace – El P

Dot Rotten – You Heard

Lyrical Strally – Fake Friends

Werewolf – Freestyle

Werewolf – War Dub

Pawza – Freestyle

Christian King, Daniel Sheehy, Fox – What Do You Want

Snowy – Freestyle

Splurt – J3

Ten Dixon, RD, Jon E Clayface, Snoopa – Its Calm

Skepta – It Aint Safe

Sense – Think Your Bad

Blades – U16

Kenny Davis – Stamina

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