Mad Vybez Grime Gang Show EmpireLDN 21062015

Here is the audio of this week’s show where I span many new grime tracks enjoy

Track List

Zebadiah, Handsome Mike – Get Into It

Darkos – Salt Feet

D Power, D Double E – See No Evil (Levlz Remix)

Nico Lindsay, Spooky – Come Tru

Handsome Mike – Gun Fire Riddim

Nico Lindsay, J Beatz – I Didn’t

Dot Rotten/Zeph Ellis – Swxxr Dxwn Rxddxm

Capo Lee, – Autopsy Freestyle

Row D – Ri Dim Dim Dim

Mad Vybez – Beirut

Barracks Beats – RIP Riddler

That Kid Dre, – Pepper Riddim Freestyle

P Money  – Pepper Riddim

Just Geo – City Of Flames

J Beatz, Flirta D, C Cane, Jammz – Bar Code

Kenny Davis – Stamina

Cadell – UK

Beat Geeks – Paperfold

So Real Sound – Grill

Rame, JS2 – Headshot Bars

Spyro – Tekkers (Creep Noom Remix)

Mystry – Calm

Mez, Beat Geeks – Old School

Nomis & Maribor – O

J Beatz – Wood Green

Aj Tracy, Sir Pixalot – Italy

Mr K-Ro  – Nostalgia

Teeza – Secret Level

Double S – Let Me Live

Kriptik, John Brown – Out In The End

Dj BMC – Peski Beat

Whackeye, Novelist – Yakuta

Nsus – Call Out My Name

Big Zuu, Mic Ty – Shelling Dis Year

D Double E, Big ED – Frontline (Korma Lost Souls Remix)

 Monkey, Big ED – Frontline

Dvsty – Custom

Footsie , Big ED – Frontline

AT – Hacker

Wiley – Ice Rink Remix

J Beatz – Baby Powder

DJ BMC – Suicide Dub

JG – Trippy Spartan

Shivz, Spooky – Say That Again

 Dubztar, RSK – Illusion

Mad Vybez – Dizaster

Levlz – Crud VIP Special

Dubztar – Homeless

Nasty Jack – What Is It

Nasty Jack, Stormin, Hit Man Tiga, Lil Nasty – What Is It Remix

Scru Loose – Iron Star

Mega Most Wanted – Trancer

RD, Rynsa Man – One Bag Of Chat

Nsus – Problem

AJ Tracy, Maribor – Wifey Riddim

Grim Sickers, Row D, Snowy, John Brown – Means To Me

Skepta – Thats Not Me Remix (Trackers Mash Up)

Mad Vybez – Murk

Mad Vybez – Back It

Scruloose – Flute VIP

Triple S – Buttons

AT – 10 Hit Combo

Jeb1 – One

Boogie Pro – Psyco

John Halifax – BW140

N.A.T – Juggler

Skepta – Reggae

Creep Noom – Orchestrah Riddim VIP

So Real Sounds – Memories

D- Structo – Suicide Watch

Darkos – Super Troll Fighter

Klassic – Ready From The Start

DJ Oddz – Champion (Sir Pixalot Remix)

Malicious Dubz – Reprise

Boogie Pro – Hostile

J Beatz – Turbine

?? – ???

Dubzta – Cocaine

Dubzta – Destroyer Of Worlds

Spitz, PK, Saint P – Shell Lane

Joker – Head Top (Creep Noom Refix)

Pezmo & Huffy – 16 for 16

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