Mad Vybez Denzel X, Edgar The Dyke And OH Grime Gang Show 23rd August 2015

Denzel X, Edgar The Dyke, & OH Collective spraying bars

Track list

Spooky – Pulse 007

Plactcian – Plas Bar

Boogie Pro – Psyco

Levlz – Brap

Dot Rotten – Swxxr Dxwn Rxddxm

Dot Rotten – Pirate Radio Paradise

Rude Kid – Voices

Rude Kid – End Level

Swifta Beata – Nuke Em

Dubzta – Homeless

Barracks Beats – F Riddla

Jeb 1 – One

Rude Kid – Saturday After Next

Levlz – Crud Special

RSK & Dubzta – Illusion

Beat Geeks – Paper Fold

Tantrum Pro – 6FT

Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP

SX – Bricks

DXP – Bars

Mr Virgo – Hitter

Mister Slash – Concerto Riddim

Spyro – Tekkers (Creep Noon Remix)

J Beatz – Bar Code

Footsie – Hit It

DST – Suicicde Watch

Spooky – Ganny Dlover

Splurt – J3

Nikki Minaj – Chiraq

Treble Clef – Ghetto Kyote

Preditah – Threat

J Beatz – Green Phlem

So Real Sound – Memories

Rude Kid – Shaky

Dot Rotten – Baseline Massacre

Rude Kid – Leap Year

Malicious Dubz – Reprise

Dot Rotten – Torpedo

Levlz – Crud (Bashy Mix)

Lil Reese – Us

Rude Kid – Angels

Mike Will Made It – Marble Floors

Tantrum Pro – Cape Fear

Guyver – ????

Flash G – Wake UP (Electric VIP)

Swifta Beata – Taking The Crown

Ezro – Sprit Bomb

Tantrum Pro – Elephant March

DST – Big Body

Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

Pezmo – All Night

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