Mad Vybez Grime Gang Show With Madders 15112015

This week I was joint on the show by Madders we had a brief chat about how she started in the whole Grime Scene and her future projects. I also had a ton of new music to play.

Track List

Cadell, Zomby, – 3 is the new 6
Karnage, Longrange – Snakes & Ladders
AK – Out For Good
Cadell, Kenny Davis – Who Would Of Thought It
Cadell, feat Giggs – Coming Through
Levelz – 3210
Heat Gang – Okay
JP & Falaf – ???
Madder – I Already Did (Kave Jonson RMX)
Zeph Ellis – Swear Down Riddim

**Interview & Freestyle With Madders**
Lumes – 9 Weeks
Merky Ace, Filthy Gears – Polyphonic Ringtone
Wiley – Eskimo
Ruff Sqwad – Xtra
RD, Rynsaman – 1 Bag Of Chat
Werewolf – I Didnt Read
Novelist – 1 Sec
Handsome Mike – Eski Knight
Lady Shocker, Kenny Davis – Hysteria
Guyver – Big Bout Yah
Bliss – Spray What I Like
Z Dot – Ninja
Grimey Mic Pol – What Do You Think?
Obese, Trim, Sir Pixalot – I Make This Look
Capo Lee, Macabre Unit – Take Time Freestyle
Bonkaz – Run The Block
** War Zone**
El Jay – War Dub
Lady Chann, Flow Dan Sixty P Beatz – Knowledge
Tizzy Gang – Low
J Beatz – Wood Green
Tizzy Gang – Hurt
Grim Sickers, Nasty Jack – Jack N Sickers 2
Nomis, Maribor – O
Ezro – Sprit Bomb
Flamezee, Tuggawar, Dubztar – Mad Man
Kriptik Sixty P Beatz – Bricks
AJ Tracey, YGG – Red Bull
Scruloose – You Were Always
JP, Ironik – Freestyle
Row D, Dullah Beatz – Ri Dim Dim Dim
Big Zuu – Trying
Kenny Davis – Thats Not Eski
Deejillz – 7 Up
Mez, DJ Cable – One Line Flows
Karnage – Monkey See Monkey Do
Snoopa, Row D, Dubztar – Rep For Them Man
Future – Slave Master
**Instrumental Mix**

Mystry – Calm
Top Dollar – Flexing
So Solid – Woah
Beat Geeks – Paper Fold
Preditah – Threat
Tantrum – ???
Zeph Eliis – Hell’s Kitchen
Filthy Gears – Bowsers Castle
Empra – Bad Boy
Mad Vybez – Dizaster
Dubztar – Homeless
Rude Kid – Saturday After Next
Drake, Future- Jumpman (Kidda Beatz Remix)
Zeph Ellis – Acid Bomb
Long Range – Snakes & Ladders
Ruff Sqwad – Move 2 Dis
Zeph Ellis – Wicked & Bad
Filthy Gears – Bowsers Castle VIP
Dullah Beatz – Final Stage
Dubztar, RSK – Illusion
Zeph Ellis – Swear Down Riddim
Zeph Ellis – Soul Brother
Levlz – 3210
Ezro – Sprit Bomb
Mad Vybez – Jaw Side
Nsus – Dark N Cold
Handsome Mike – Involved Riddim
Handsome Mike – Gun Fire Riddim
Dj Cable – Bellz

Madders – I Already Did

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