Mad Vybez Grime Gang Show EmpireLDN 220117

Back with the second show of the year, Unfortunately last weeks show with Pauly Papers & Row D was not recorded. But here is a full track listing of this weeks show. I will be back on a more regular basis from now on.

Track List

Jammin & Guyver – F*ck You

Row D – Levelz Production – Straight

Hitman Tiga, Grim Sickers Mistakay Production – The Intercontinental Riddim

Reece West – Mistakay Production – Perfect

Eyez –  Huffy Production – Never Ever

Teddy Music Feat. Mercston, Ears & Capo Lee – Swifta Production – Get Like This Remix

DST – Suicide Watch

Genghis – We Do It

DPM – Murda

Ten Dixon – Heard This Guy Remix

Mad Vybez – Blitz

Flamzee Flamezos Props – No Ones Scared

That Handsome Mike – Titch Dub

Macabre Unit – OK

Fredo – Trapspot

J Beatz & Scope – Chopping Board

Baseman – Corleone

Policy – Jah

Big Zuu – Trying

John Brown – Qrazy Train

Bethony Kaye – Murder

Shannon Parkes – Random Acts

Sour F4ce – Soweto

That Handsome Mike – No Game

Wilbuforce – Souls Purpose

That Handsome Mike – Swing It Out

Dubzta – Homeless

Triple S – Pylu

Sixty P Beatz – I’m The Devil Pt2

Strap C – Night Owl

Rude Kid – The Best

Zeph Ellis – Fxrx Bxmb

Filthy Gears – Polyphonic Ringtone – Mad Vybez Remix

John Brown – OG Kush

Flash G – Black Clouds VIP

Dunkee – Locked On

Erbal T – Flatbush Remix

Shannon Parkes – Sultan

Filthy Gears – Ice Box

Black Steve – Stoneback AD 2016

Filthy Gears – Mud Remix

Manga Feat JME & Prez T – Different Pattern

J Beatz – Dartford

K2 World Feat Teddy Music – Rep Where I Have Been

Mad Vybez – Dizaster

Logan – Grime General

Mad Vybez – End Of

S.M.I Feat Merky Ace – MAAD

Polonis – M

Marcello Spookz – Boom

Levelz – 3210

Nasty Jack – Fashion Icon

Logan – Crazy Flow

Tantrum Pro – Record Box

Nasty Jack – Jancrow Talker

Just Geo – Mentaru

So Large, Ghetts Filthy Gear Production – Bread On My Beef

Mad Vybez – Hey

Stanna – Bang Bang

Mad Vybez – Its A Trap

Rhimez – None Of Those Dudes

Furbzee – No Pulse VIP

Mad Vybez – Bebop & Rocksteady

Furbzee – Villainous

John Brown – Blackberry Kush

Furbzee – Feedback

Potentz – Five Bills

Ramps & Tips – Eski Drill

Filthy Gears – The Fear

Row D _ Pauly Papers – Lewi B Production – RP1

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