Mad Vybez


I dj grime been playing the music from the days of dark garage beats, this is just a website with downloads and videos from me or anyone associated with me. I started dj’ing in the end of 2000 after spending so much time raving decided I wanted to play the music I love (Always been into underground music since a kid my parents even ran an underground music distributors when i was younger Direct force).  Started playing garage like loads of others, progressed to the dark grime style. Joint various crews, devastating , reinforcements, Lab rats etc. I have put on various dances across the south of england during 2002 to 2005, Played on various pirates over london and various internet station. Also released to ep’s on my grime records label in 2004 and 2005
Stopped doing music in 2005 through personal reasons. Couple years later went to a rave and Skepta and logan was killing it and then in 2008 I decided to get into the music again.

I am just a standard normal guy who loves grime music  and I play it in my spare time and would love to see it go as far as possible. I am available for bookings.

I currently play on every saturday night at midnight to 2am

On this website I document grime through my sets and videos and share videos and release dates of grime artist projects.

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